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Inside 4D

Inside4D is x-reference tool for 4D developers. Unlike 4D Insider, Inside4D is implemented as a 4D plug-in. Inside4D can display all objects used in database structure, including comments, operators, language elements or string and numeric constants.

Inside4D displays information in several windows.

Inside4D Browser WindowBrowser window displays list with all objects used in a database structure. The list is sortable by any column.

List contains columns with size, modification date, number of objects referenced (used by), number of objects referencing (using) this object and how many times is this object used.

XRef windowXRef window is similar to the 4D Insider window. If object in central pane is selected, the left window displays objects that use this object and the right pane displays objects which are used by this object.

For all kinds of methods, the pane on the bottom of XRef window can display the method listing.

List of methods from upper planes can be exported as 4D error files, enabling fast parsing through methods containing some object or set of objects (only up to 4D 6.8.)

Program Metrix windowProgram Metrix window provides information needed for program analysis and points out parts of code that needs to be reevaluated.

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