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MasterFINANZª is modular accounting package for small to medium size companies, accounting companies and tax consultants, NGO and educational institutions.

MasterFINANZª allows detailed settings of accounting rules. This allows to adjust the program behavior for individual countries and react to changes in accounting laws by changes in settings. It is possible to change account sheet, VAT rules and percentages, all reports including profit and loss statement and balance sheet statement and many other settings.

As the application is sold in several EU countries, it contains support for Euro, handling of VAT in inter-EU trade and other features.

MasterFINANZª comply with law requirement for handling accountancy on electronic devices. It keeps full track of postings and changes done in the package. It is used by auditors and tax consultants in several countries.

MasterFINANZª allows to keep accountancy for unlimited number of companies with possibility to create consolidation reports. For any company, it is possible to keep up to five accounting years open. Wide possibilities of data export and import in various formats allow data exchange with other applications and information systems.

Program was designed with ergonomic data entry and consistent user interface in mind. MasterFINANZª takes advantage of Windowsª and Mac OSª systems and, between others, can display auxiliary information in floating windows and open several reports in independent windows for easy cross-checking of the data.

Here are a few screenshots from MasterFINANZ(tm):

General Ledger data entry screen

Example of report with two paletes open (clik to see screenshot in separate window):


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